The beauty of the Croydon Flyover

Yes that is genuinely the title of this post. And I shit you not the Croydon flyover is a dynamic, flowing and exciting structure slap bang in the centre of my dilapidated home town.

I’m a lover of concrete generally and the underbelly of the flyover provides uninterrupted spacious vistas, gargantuan flying V supporting columns and seductive (kind of) curvaceous forms all in one space. My point here is really that its not being used and it lends itself to having an incredible potential as an important public space. With architectural practices such as Assemble demonstrating how we can transform forgotten urban spaces and with precedent such as Lina Bo Bardi’s remarkable Museum of modern Art in Sao Paulo (a huge public space sitting underneath theĀ gigantic concrete span of the museum) the underside of Croydon flyover is ripe for regeneration and imaginative intervention to create community.